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Photos/Video: 2018 People’s Choice Awards

Photos/Video: 2018 People’s Choice Awards

Mila was in attendance last night at the People’s Choice Awards where The Spy Who Dumped Me won best Comedy movie of 2018. She looked beautiful. I’ve added a bunch of photos of her to the gallery. Thanks to my friend Maria for some of the photos.


Photos: ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ HD Screencaps + Stills

I’ve added HD screencaps of Mila from her recent film, The Spy Who Dumped Me costarring Sam Heughan and Kate McKinon, to the gallery. I’ve also added additional film stills and replaced smaller versions with larger ones. Be sure to rent or buy the film today. It was so good! Enjoy.

Photos: ‘Cosmpolitian’ (Sri Lanka) + ‘Total Film’ Magazine Scans

Photos: ‘Cosmpolitian’ (Sri Lanka) + ‘Total Film’ Scans

Mila is on the new issues of Cosmopolitian (Sri Lanka) and Total Film. I’ve added scans to the gallery. Thanks to my friend AliKat for the Total Film scans. Enjoy!

Photos: Television Guest Role Screencaps – Part 2

Photos: Television Guest Role Screencaps – Part 2

In honor of Mila’s birthday this week (TODAY!) I’ve added more screencaps of Mila’s television guest roles from the mid-90’s. The quality of a lot of these screencaps aren’t the best because the projects are so old, but they are better than nothing. I’ve also added screencaps to a featurette of The Spy Who Dumped Me and a couple of scans thanks to my friend Mary. This is part 2 of 2 in the television guest role updates. I’ll add more photos later this week to round out Mila’s birthday celebration. Enjoy!

Photos: ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ + Photo Session Additions

Photos: ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ + Photo Session Additions

I’ve added a handful of missing photos to the gallery from The Spy Who Dumped Me, Bad Moms 2, and a 2011 photo session. Enjoy the new additions.

I’m working on getting photos up from her tv guest roles.

Press: Mila Kunis and Sam Heughan on their killer secret-agent spoof The Spy Who Dumped Me

‘It was a mess for poor Sam’

Like a deer in headlights – that’s how Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon take to international espionage in hilarious new action comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me.

When Audrey (Mila) discovers her ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) was a CIA agent, she and bestie Morgan (Kate) become entangled in a conspiracy.

With assassins out to get them, they’re on the run and forced to become spies themselves – only they’re not quite as suave or savvy as 007.

Here, TV WEEK talks to Mila, 34, and co-star Sam Heughan, 38, whose character, a charming British agent, spills the beans on Audrey’s duplicitous ex.

TV WEEK: When it comes to spies, 007 is obviously the master. How do you both stack up against James Bond?

Sam: Obviously, the film has a nod to past Bond movies. I’m glad I got to put on the tux, because I’ve always wanted to play James Bond and be in that world. The stakes are high and there’s real danger in the film. But then the girls come in and blow it all apart with laughs!

Mila: Kate and I play circumstantial spies, so it’s more like how it would be if I or my best friend were thrown into this situation in real life, and this is how it would go down. We don’t have a special magical watch that pops up and turns into a parachute – and that’s what makes it more fun. It’s without the magical realism of Jason Bourne [from the Bourne trilogy] or 007.

Sam, unlike Mila, you’re not exactly famous for your comedy chops – no offence! Were you nervous to go up against such funny women?

S: Outlander is a drama, so to be standing opposite Kate from Saturday Night Live and Mila, who I’ve watched in so many great films, was terrifying. From the first take, Mila and Kate improvised and talked nonsense, so I had a big learning curve to understand that way of working in the comedy world.

M: If Kate is speaking, then she’s improvising, so we’d go off the script a lot. It was a mess for poor Sam, who came from a strict way of working with a script – but he kept up really well.

You all sound so supportive. Spill the beans: did you really get along this well on set too?

M: I was a fan of Kate going into this. The bonus was she ended up becoming a really good friend. Sometimes, you meet people you admire and they aren’t always what you want them to be. It was lovely to discover Kate exceeds all expectations.

S: At the core of this movie are two strong women who have become great friends, and they really brought that to the screen as well. In the story, my character is trying to look after them, but they’re more likely to save him. It was great to be part of this strong female cast.

Mila, you have two little ones with your hubby Ashton Kutcher. What’s one thing you miss about life pre-kids?

M: Now I have children [daughter Wyatt, three, and son Dimitri, one], spontaneity has gone out the window. Ashton and I joke that we used to be able to travel with only a T-shirt in a backpack. Now, we have a Pack ‘n Play [baby device] and a suitcase full of diapers! But I’ve been lucky with my past two projects, Bad Moms and this film. I worked with people who understood that I didn’t want to leave my kids for too long.

Mila, be honest: were you an Outlander fan before you met Sam? And did his sex-symbol status have anything to do with you taking on this movie?

M: I’m new to the whole Outlander world. I had no idea there was this massive fan base lusting after Sam without his shirt on! [Laughs] Kate started watching it while we were shooting the film and she ended up becoming the biggest Sam fan on the planet. We were both sad there was a lot less sexy time in our film!

The Spy Who Dumped Me is in cinemas August 9th.

Press/Photos/Videos: ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ – Master Post

I originally wanted to open the site before Friday but it didn’t happen that way so I missed a lot of The Spy Who Dumped Me press. I’ve made a master post though with quick links to photos and videos of Mila doing press so you can see them all in one place. Enjoy!


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Press/Photos: Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis: Just a Couple of ‘Bachelor’ Fans on the Run

How did you spend your summer vacation? Were you fortunate enough to go sightseeing in Europe? Or were you on the run from a nefarious network of undercover evildoers who felt you were constantly getting in the way of their attempts to subvert the global order?

If you are Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis, you got to do a little of both: Together, they star in “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” an action comedy from Lionsgate that opens Friday. The film, directed by Susanna Fogel, casts Ms. McKinnon (of “Saturday Night Live”) and Ms. Kunis (the “Bad Moms” series) as roommates thrust into a world of danger when they discover Ms. Kunis’s ex-boyfriend (played by Justin Theroux) is a secret agent.

“The Spy Who Dumped Me” is the first project on which Ms. Kunis and Ms. McKinnon have worked together, and a rare film in this or any other season where two women get to be the leads instead of someone’s girlfriend or assistant. The two actors recently got together to discuss the making of the movie, how they bonded and how to ensure that more films like it get made. These are edited excerpts from that conversation.

What got the two of you interested in making this movie?

KATE McKINNON I wanted to do a buddy-comedy action movie. I thought that the humor in this was extremely grounded. And also, it shot in Europe. When I found out that Mila wanted to do it as well, I felt very intimidated, because Mila’s Mila.

MILA KUNIS I do one film a year, at most, because of scheduling with kids and [her husband Ashton Kutcher’s] work. I originally got the script and I was like, I don’t have time for it. Then it came back around and they’re like, Kate McKinnon’s in it. I was like, Hmmmm. Interesting. I did have to talk to my husband and be like, listen, I’d have to uproot the family for six months — because it was back to back with “A Bad Moms Christmas” — and he was like, You need to do this! We took the whole family and uprooted to Budapest.

How did you learn to open up to each other?

KUNIS All films, unless you are by yourself on an island with a soccer ball, you’re constantly being like, Well, I hope the other person and I vibe. I think I like you? Do you like me?

McKINNON I found, on meeting Mila, that I respect your values so much. You value modesty and hard work, in a very real way that I have not encountered.

KUNIS Thank you, love. And we both liked “The Bachelor.” That was the earliest memory that I have of something that we both bonded over.

McKINNON Yessssss.

KUNIS You look at her work and the characters she plays, and I was like, Kate is going to be super highbrow.

McKINNON You thought that? Oh my God. That’s really funny.

Kate, what did you discover about Mila that surprised you?

McKINNON The thing that I truly gasped at: When Mila was on “That ’70s Show,” her mom worked at a Rite Aid. Mila, after filming “That ’70s Show,” would have to go there and work there.

KUNIS Ugh, yeah. Until I got my driver’s license. Sometimes I would unpack boxes. I would walk around the aisles and put things in order. My mom would be like, “Go behind the ice-cream counter and help out.”

McKINNON I just imagine people going in there, being like, “Is that Jackie?”

For all the action comedies that feature male leads, there seem to be very few that women get to star in. Has that been your experience?

KUNIS I tried to put a movie like this together three years or four years ago. It was a spy comedy with two women. Eight out of the 10 studios passed. They were like, “It’s a two-hander with females. No one’s going to see that.” People were like, “We’ll make this movie — flip one of the characters to a guy.” We’re like, no, no, we want it to be the two of us. People were very timid on a film that didn’t have a male name above the title.

How do you change these attitudes?

KUNIS People have to go and see those movies. I think it’s hard to ask a board to green-light movies that people aren’t seeing. With “Bad Moms,” they were like, “We’ll see what happens. It cost us $2 to make — if it fails, nobody will know.” And then it broke $100 million and they were like, “We always knew it!” And we sat there like, “Did you really? I don’t think so.” Male films can fail, and those are excused. But if one female film fails, it affects the entire genre of female movies. The fact that I’m even calling female films a genre is messed up, anyway. But unfortunately, it is the truth.

Kate, what do you look for in your film roles?

McKINNON I love a character who’s trying to change something in the world or prove herself, and not about getting into a relationship. It’s important to show women just out there, trying to accomplish something. At “Saturday Night Live,” there’s a lot of honing individual jokes throughout the week, and rewriting up until the moment we’re performing it. This was a mixture of honing jokes and playing the reality of these circumstances. You know, like, emotional acting stuff. [To Mila] Do I sound stupid? Do I sound crazy? [They put their heads on each other’s shoulders.]

KUNIS I love you so much. How are your hands always so nice and cold?

McKINNON I have such poor circulation.

KUNIS I love it.

You got to work on this film with Gillian Anderson. Kate is an avowed, unapologetic fan. Did you have any influence on getting her into the movie?

McKINNON It was a coincidence — I did not request her. I am only professional. No selfies.

KUNIS I would have taken a selfie and spliced it with a photo of me as Gillian Anderson when I was 9.

McKINNON I did dress as Special Agent Dana Scully for Halloween when I was 12. I was cleaning out my mother’s garage the other week with her, and found a box of 30 “X-Files” VHS tapes, posters and trading cards. All the magazines that came out that year.

How did you keep your emotions in check around her?

McKINNON I have a similar feeling every time I step on the “S.N.L.” stage, because that was my other obsession from that time in my life. To meet that person or to perform in that space, I feel like my universe is being torn open, a lot. My life’s become very strange.

KUNIS You’ve peaked, Kate McKinnon. You’ve met Gillian Anderson. You’ve done “S.N.L.” What are you going to do from now on? Nothing.

McKINNON I’m going to start making furniture. I feel like that’s the next frontier.

Press: Mila Kunis Reveals Ashton Kutcher Urged Her To Do ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’

Mila Kunis revealed she almost didn’t take the role in her new movie The Spy Who Dumped Me.

The 34-year-old actress made an appearance on Sunday Today with Willie Geist and chatted about her new film and her husband Ashton Kutcher.

Mila said that Ashton was the one who really pushed her take on the role.

“I initially passed. My husband and I made an agreement a long time ago that we would never separate the family,” she told Willie. “I said no, and it was actually my husband that was like, ‘I think you should really do it.’”

Mila was also asked if her and Ashton would ever work together again.

“Probably not going to happen. I can’t look at him and not be like, ‘What are you doing?’ It’s like a weird… No. No. It’s weird,” Mila added. “In a scene with him, I was like, ‘I see you acting.’ I can catch it. And he looked at me like, ‘What’s that face you made?’ We can’t be in a scene together because you can catch each other on their weird shticks, so to speak.”